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Studying for Success: Tips and Tricks for Finding Efficient Study Habits

Finals are coming up and that means the race is on to find the quietest, most comfortable study space or to protect your coveted study spot. Everyone has her own studying preferences, so it’s important to experiment and figure out what works best for you.

If you work best at your desk in your room, that’s great. That’s what I typically do, but sometimes I need a change of scenery or my dorm room gets too noisy. Noise might not bother you, but I tend to work better in quiet spaces so when I’m not doing my homework in my room, I move to a quiet corner of the student center or the library. Get creative, explore campus, and find out where the best places are with the fewest people. Bonus points if it’s a nice day and you can lounge outside on a blanket while writing your paper.

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If you’re ok with noise while studying or working, then experiment with different kinds of music. I tend to avoid listening to music with lyrics that I know because then I just want to sing along (off-key of course).

If you do study in your room, be careful just lying down on your bed. Chances are you’re sleep deprived, and if you give a sleep deprived college student a comfy bed, chances are she’ll fall asleep. So if you do choose to do work on your bed, use a husband pillow (or boyfriend pillow or whatever else you might call it). It’ll (hopefully) keep you from falling asleep because you’ll be sitting up. For more info on productive napping, check out my post How to Nap Your Way to Success.

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A classic struggle of doing work anywhere but a desk is having to write on a soft surface. Your handwriting ends up looking terrible, and writing a paragraph takes twice as long. Use a clipboard so that you have a portable, hard writing surface. This one opens up and can store papers inside it!

So go find your dream study space and ace those tests and finals. May your week be filled with sufficient amounts of sleep and excessive amounts of coffee.


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