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Tips for a Less Stressful Morning

If you’re like me, you have to set multiple alarms to wake up in the morning. We’re talking 8:00 am, 8:05 am, 8:10 am, 8:15 am. I hate to admit it, but there have been days when one of my suitemates has had to wake me and my roommate up…after all those alarms. Needless to say, I typically don’t have a ton of time to get ready in the morning.

Considering I have to brush my teeth, wash my face, apply a full face of makeup, and get dressed, I don’t have time to run around my room trying to figure out what to wear and realizing that everything I own needs to be steamed.

That’s why I always check my weather app and plan out my outfit the night before. If anything needs to be steamed, I steam it and lay it out on my chair. I make sure my backpack is packed with the right books, and I decide how I’m going to do my hair in the morning. I even set out my jewelry and socks so I don’t have to go searching for them.

makeup organizer

Knowing the location of everything I need to get ready is essential, which is why I use organizers for my makeup and jewelry. I put this partitioned makeup organizer on my desk next to my makeup mirror so I have everything I need directly in front of me. This makeup organizer has a variety of section sizes, so it has just the right amount of storage without taking up too much space on my desk. It can also be stacked with other organizing drawers if you do need more space. I will say, it doesn’t hold my Naked eyeshadow palettes, so I just stack those in front of it. I didn’t want the organizer to take up too much room because ample desk space is key. Check out my post 5 Tips for Organizing Your Desk and Keeping It Clean for more tips on desk organization.

makeup organizer

To keep your jewelry organized, I recommend keeping this jewelry organizer in one of your desk drawers. It easily separates out your earrings and has enough space to keep necklace chains from getting tangled. No one should have to try to untangle necklaces 10 minutes before class starts.

I know my mornings will probably end up being a little bit stressful, but at least this way I know where everything is and I can get dressed in just a couple of minutes.



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