ID case

Tips for On-the-Go Organization

Staying organized while moving around campus and getting to class can be a little tricky. Inevitably, you will end up outside your dorm soaking wet (because it decided to rain the one day you didn’t check the weather app) without your key card to swipe in. If you’re lucky, someone else from your dorm shows up within the next couple of minutes. Otherwise you’ll still be stuck outside, and it will probably start raining harder because why wouldn’t it?

Again, not a fun situation for anyone and one that you should take precautions to avoid. Really there are several things you can do to make sure you don’t forget anything essential and to ensure that you are prepared for the day.

Tips for on-the-go organization:

  • ID is key. Mostly when I’m on campus, I don’t need to bring much with me. I typically don’t need much identification or money because I use my school ID card to swipe into buildings, and it doubles as my meal card. Probably the best thing I’ve discovered since coming to college is the cellphone credit card holder. It holds my ID card plus there’s room for a Starbucks gift card, a credit card, and maybe some cash, depending on what you need. That way all I need to bring with me is my phone.

ID case

ID case inside

  • But sometimes you need more ID. If I’m going somewhere but I don’t want to commit to bringing an entire purse, I use this Vera Bradley ID case. It’s basically a mini wallet that fits in your jacket pocket or on a lanyard. There’s room for your school ID, your driver’s license, metro card, a few credit cards and gift cards, cash, and coins. It’s really sturdy and lightweight so it’s easy to carry around without having to worry about a wristlet or a bag.


  • Hydrate. Sometimes I just forget to stay hydrated, and then I realize I’m nowhere near a water bottle or water fountain and my throat is completely dry. Definitely invest in water bottles. For classes, I bring my S’well bottle because I can use it to keep water cold or tea hot depending on the weather. It has a really classy and slim design that fits well in the side pocket of a backpack. For the gym or anything athletic, I use my Camelbak water bottle because it’s larger and I can drink from it on the treadmill without spilling water all over myself.

water bottles

  • It will rain. I use this umbrella to get between classes when it’s raining. It has an auto open and close button which is a real life-saver on days when you’re carrying multiple things and trying to open a door and open an umbrella. It’s a nice size without being unmanageable and it fits nicely in the side pocket of a backpack. I typically just leave mine in my backpack because you never know when DC weather will decide to change unexpectedly. It happens more than you’d think.


These products help me stay organized and healthy wherever I am around campus, and I don’t leave my room without them. Because no one needs to left outside in the rain.

Then check out my post How to Nap Your Way to Success for after you’ve gotten back to your dorm.


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