pop up hampers

Laundry Struggles: Hampers that Hold Up

Doing laundry at college is one of those tasks that you think about in advance but that you underestimate. You start off well, doing loads on a regular basis and all of that. Then the semester progresses and you start doing laundry less before you realize you’ve run out of clean socks and there are shirts you haven’t worn in weeks because, well, they haven’t been washed in a couple weeks.

As much of a hassle as laundry can be, it actually shouldn’t be as hard to do as it is. You can multitask while you do it by putting in a load and doing work until it’s ready to be put in the dryer. But it always seems to get neglected anyway. Fight this by scheduling in your laundry time like I talk about in my post Write It Down: The Guide to Making an Effective Checklist.

For actually doing the laundry, everyone has her own system. I tend to use pop up hampers versus plastic laundry baskets but it depends on your preference. I have two of these squared hampers because they fit under my bed nicely and they’re a lot sturdier than the ones my friends have. I use the navy one for dirty laundry and the blue one for clean laundry after it comes out of the dryer. This makes it easier to transport your laundry and it keeps your dirty clothes away from the clean ones.

pop up hamper

My roommate uses a plastic basket that she keeps under her bed because it gives her more space to store dirty laundry. I have noticed though that this system makes it a little bit harder to sort out the clean clothes from the dirty ones, and it takes up more precious storage space under the bed. If you do choose to use a plastic one, I would recommend this one because it is a little bit smaller and easier to carry to the laundry room.

Again, everyone has her own laundry habits, but I’ve seen plenty of broken and abandoned hampers in the laundry room to know which ones to avoid. Because chances are you’ll have a lot of laundry to do when you do remember it, which means you need hampers that can handle the weight.

pop up hampers

Also, random PSA but don’t forget to wash your towels regularly! People get sick so easily in college, so that last thing you want is for everyone to be using the same hand towel for 2 weeks.


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