Tips for Organizing Your Desk Drawers

So hopefully the top of your desk is well organized after my post 5 Tips for Organizing Your Desk and Keeping It Clean. But what looks organized on the outside, isn’t necessarily organized on the inside. Desk drawers are amazing because you can just throw random stuff in them when you need to make the rest of your room look organized. While this works in the short run, you end up with messy drawers that are completely useless whenever you need to find one of the things you threw in there 4 weeks ago.

In particular, I struggle with THE drawer. What is THE drawer you ask?

I’m pretty sure everyone has one in their lives. It’s that drawer that becomes a black hole for all random small items in your life: sunglasses, old receipts, tiny scraps of paper, earbuds, gum, old batteries….the list goes on. (Please refer to the pictures for just how bad mine have gotten lately…It’s kind of a problem). You haven’t seen the back of that drawer in months, and you’re probably starting to wonder if the drawer actually ever ends or if it the clutter is just infinite. Stranger things have happened.


Tackling this drawer can be daunting but it’s important to do. You’ll find things you forgot you had like your retainers and that really cute bracelet you thought fell off your wrist in September. But at the very least, you will have an organized place to put all your random things, so say goodbye to rummaging around for 10 minutes to find your sunglasses.


Of course, things don’t magically remain organized by themselves, so you’re going to need a few items to keep everything sorted. I use a drawer organizer tray to keep all the little things sorted out. It has plenty of space for various office supplies that easily get lost in larger drawers. The different size compartments hold everything from push pins to pens and sticky notes to staples.

I have also found these longer organizers to be helpful in different drawers, even for items like nail polish. It helps to put similar items next to each other so that you train yourself to look for particular items in certain places. Nothing is more frustrating than tearing apart the drawer while searching for the stapler, only to find it wedged in the back.

Now that they’re organized, try not to just throw things back into the drawers. The goal is to keep everything in a place where you can find it, and for different people, this means different levels of organization. So go reclaim your drawers and say goodbye to the back hole that sucks away all your hair ties.


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