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Put a Pin in It: The Key to Bulletin Boards

College comes with a lot of flyers. You walk through the student center and there are papers everywhere urging you to come to this meeting or a certain color on Tuesday or join that club. Or people come around to dorm rooms to pass out reminders and takeout menus. I can’t tell you how many I’ve gotten over the past few months, but definitely enough to be a little overwhelming. You probably end up with an absurd number of flyers (some that you want and some that you don’t), but you should have a way to keep track of the important ones.

My roommate and I share a giant bulletin board that we hung above our mini fridge. We typically use it for flyers for upcoming events or for important pieces of paper that we want to be visible. This is especially helpful for long term flyers with multiple events on them or for long term project guidelines. We also have some postcards from family members, school business cards, and photos up there too because it’s nice to have a balance. This could also be a great place to put some of your checklists or mini schedules if you think it will hold you more accountable to them. (Check out my posts Write It Down: The Guide to Making an Effective Checklist and The Unintimidating Way to Schedule Your Week to learn how to make effective checklists and schedules). Oh, plus there’s the multiple takeout menus because those are key for college.

bulletin board

We have a lot of space on our wall, so we use this large cork board, but if you don’t have that much wall space, try this smaller cork board instead. The important part is to have a communal space where you can post important reminders or just share your fun pictures. And don’t forget to pick up some cool push pins to keep everything in place!

bulletin board

Now you don’t have to fear running the gauntlet of flyers anymore because you have a way to effectively manage them. But you’re still going to get a lot of flyers.


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