storage bin

Storage Part 2: Making Every Space Count

By now, you’re probably running out of space in your dorm room. It’s only so big, and you’re (probably) sharing it with at least one other person. All the crates, shoe bins, and cubes still aren’t enough. Some might say that you brought too much stuff with you. I say you just need more storage.

Probably the biggest dorm room struggle I’ve had all year is fitting my clothes in my dresser. I arrived at college with a reasonable amount of clothes but after going home on breaks and coming back with a lot more, both my closet and my dresser were overflowing. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have time to reorganize my drawers every week to maximize my drawer space.

Between bulky sweaters that I haven’t worn in 2 months but are still lurking in the back of drawers to the countless free t-shirts I have accumulated over the last 8 months, there isn’t a lot of space. Depending on how often you go home, you might not be able to drop off out-of-season clothes that take up precious space.

So where do you put all this clothing?

My roommate uses a drawer tower to supplement her drawer space. Honestly, I was a little skeptical that she would need that much drawer space, but now I wish I had one myself. It essentially doubles the drawer space, which allows her to better organize her clothes by type or season, and it frees up space in her closet for other things. It fits perfectly under her lofted bed too.

drawer tower

Besides clothes, there are plenty of other items that require storage that you probably don’t have. For example, towels, sheets, and washcloths take up a lot of space, and you really don’t want to just shove them in your closet when they’re clean. I use one of these large plastic storage bins to keep all my towels, sheet sets, and washcloths under my bed. They’re easy to access when I need them, but they’re out of the way in a clean space with a lid that locks.

storage bin

Hopefully these additional storage bins will help you take control of organizing your room and give you some extra space in a small dorm room. Check out my post Steps to Organizing Your Dorm Room for more tips and products to keep your room organized!



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