Tips for Beating Finals Stress

By now, finals are probably right around the corner, which means you’re in high stress mode. Personally, I think I’ve been on edge for the past 3 days, and I don’t think it’s going to get better for another week. I haven’t figured out if I’m shaking from the stress or the coffee. (Just kidding, it’s not that bad, but you know what I mean.)

You’re trying to get everything done and study for finals, and you probably don’t want to think about the fact that your freshman year of college is almost over. (It went way too fast. I’m not entirely sure where the time went.).

Stress is normal. But it’s uncomfortable, and it feels deadly when combined with sleep deprivation. We will get through this. It won’t necessarily be fun, and it won’t be easy but it’s almost over. The end is near, and all this stress will melt away quickly so stay positive! Please! Because sleep deprivation and anxiety are dangerous together. 0/10 would recommend.


As you head into your final week of classes or your exam week, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Stay hydrated. I definitely recommend the large water bottle for finals week!
  • Don’t neglect organization. Just because you’re almost done for the semester, doesn’t mean you can ignore organization. Plus those book tabs will be really helpful when studying for finals.

book tabs

  • Sleep. At least as much as possible. That still might not be much, but some sleep is better than no sleep. Blankets help too.
  • Stay positive! Sometimes just a healthy, positive mindset can help you overcome negative emotions and block out some of the stress so you can concentrate better.
  • Be confident! Take control of your studying habits and walk into your exams confident that you know the material and that you prepared as well as you possibly could. Check out my post Studying for Success: Tips and Tricks for Finding Efficient Study Habits for more positive study tips.

Good luck!


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